2017 Gap Year Students (South Africa and Uganda)

Hope of Africa is pleased to introduce you to our 2017 Gap Year students.

In South Africa, this is our 4th year running a gap year program, giving students a year between secondary and tertiary education to focus on spiritual development, leadership development, life-skills, computer skills, community service and academic preparation for college/university.  sa-gap-year-2017-2

In Uganda, this is our first/pilot gap year program.  They are learning spiritual development, leadership development, life-skills, computer skills, community service and business/entrepreneurship skills in preparation for starting a small business to support their families.ug-gap-year-2017

We are so excited for the opportunities these young students will have this year and are blessed by their enthusiasm and willingness to learn. We even had the opportunity to send of last year’s South African gap year students to Uganda to participate and help with the new program there.  He is learning much from the different culture and is excited to bring back to South Africa what he is learning from this unique experience.

If you would like to know more about our gap year programs or are interested in financially supporting either of these programs (one time gift or monthly donations), please contact info@hopeofafricayouth.com.

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Construction Project at the South African Ministry House

Our ministry house is always filled with projects that help our students develop skills and spiritual growth. We recently lost our picnic table due to age and harsh weather. It was decided that this was a chance to start a new project for our students. With much joy they took to the task of demolishing the old table and building a new one from scratch.  Our gap year students Zuzmuzi, Selby and Sanele joined their efforts to make us a new table; this was a process that took time and a lot of precision but it was finally done. We now have a new picnic table and our students have a new experience. We as a family couldn’t be more proud. Well done boys.

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Our First University Graduate

Hope of Africa would like to congratulate our oldest student, Zandile Nkalanga, for graduating last month from Tshwane University of Technology with a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry. Zandile is a beautiful, Godly young woman whose perseverance, hard work and dedicated spirit have paid off.  We are grateful to her for inspiring and paving the way for her brothers and sisters. We wish her the best as she enters the work world (she already has her first job working in a lab in a major sugar refinery). Congratulations Zandile on achieving your goal!

Heather was even able to surprise Zandile and make it for the graduation on her way to Uganda.  What a great surprise!


Amy, Heather, Zandile and her 4 older sisters.



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HOA now accepts online donations!! (and new mailing address)

Hello friends and family of Hope of Africa.  We are so pleased to announce that HOA can now accept online donations (debit or credit card) via PayPal.  If you would like to make an online donation, simply follow the steps below.  We have also changed our mailing address to a Post Office box, so if you prefer to donate by sending paper checks, please feel free to do that using the new post office box information below.  Thanks again for all your support and prayers.  You are making a difference in the lives of African youth!


– Go to http://hopeofafricayouth.com/donating-hope/

– Click on the yellow Donate button

– You will be directed to a secure PayPal website that will process your credit card or debit card payment (you do not need a PayPal account but if you want to donate online regularly you might find it easier to create a PayPal account)

Paper checks

– Make check out to Hope of Africa and mail check to:

Hope of Africa

PO Box 26507

Colorado Springs, CO 80936


Be blessed!

Amy (for the entire HOA team)

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Cross Country Cycling

We recently participated in a cycling event that happened on Saturday the 13th of August. There were 3 groups covering 3 different distances; 19, 36, and 56km. We were very fortunate to be the ones handing out refreshments to the cyclers at a water point where all the different groups met. Watching all the groups come by and handing them something refreshing was my favourite part of the whole event. Century 21 was the organisation in charge of our water point on that day. The cyclists in group 1 who rode 19 km also had very young cyclists racing together with adults. It was amazing how they tackled the race with grownups.

Written by Sanele – Hope of Africa gap year student

Sanele 2




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Introducing Gap Year 2016

I am proud to introduce our hardworking, dedicated and Christ-oriented 2016  South African gap year students (not to forget I am one of them 🙂 )  We have – Vanessa Vuma, Thabile Thabethe, Selby Simelane, Sanele Shungube and me–Busisiwe Malale.

We are part of a leadership development program that prepares us for university or the job market by spending the year learning and polishing our leadership skills, computer skills, team building, spiritual and character development, and life skills, all in a family enviroment. We are blessed to be in the ministry house and we look forward to our future. Thank you for your prayers and support that are making this year possible for us and making it possible to change the lives of our families.




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A Day in AWANA

Our God is always faithful and He never forgets to touch even the hearts of children, and we see this through the increase in the number of kids with each outreach. We usually see 30-40 kids during AWANA at this small rural church and this week we had almost 300 local children show up! What joy it is to know that AWANA is bringing hope to Africa through tender hearts.


-Busie (Assistant Gap Year Leader)



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Volunteers Wanted for South Africa VBS Trip

Are you looking for the experience of a lifetime?  Would you like to spend a month this summer changing your life while also changing the lives of children and youth in Africa?  We are planning to take a team to South Africa to conduct VBS camps and youth leadership camps with children and students from rural villages in Nkomazi, South Africa. We are still looking for 4-6 people who would like to come with us.  The VBS camps are day camps that usually have between 150-250 children attend daily.  The youth leadership camp will be a 4-day camping experience in the bush where you will help the youth learn team-building and leadership skills in a Christian discipleship environment.

Trip dates are ~June 22 – July 19.

Check out this video from our 2014 VBS team.

If you or someone you know is interested, please have them contact us at info@hopeofafricayouth.com or call Heather at 406-868-8510.

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Friday After School Activities

As a week of hard work comes to a fold, our big and happy family comes together to celebrate and bring to surface the joy and laughter in our hearts. To us its more than just games, its family time.


Thanks for investing in us,

Busie (Gap Year Assistant Leader)





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AWANA in South Africa

We had a great time with the kids at an AWANA program at a rural church last week.  We taught them games, bible stories and memory verses.  The kids were so happy that we were there and they were always smiling as we taught them new things. AWANA is a great opportunity for us teenagers to serve in the church.  I am enjoying giving back some of what has been given to me.

– Thabile (Hope of Africa Gap Year Student)

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