AWANA in South Africa

We had a great time with the kids at an AWANA program at a rural church last week.  We taught them games, bible stories and memory verses.  The kids were so happy that we were there and they were always smiling as we taught them new things. AWANA is a great opportunity for us teenagers to serve in the church.  I am enjoying giving back some of what has been given to me.

– Thabile (Hope of Africa Gap Year Student)


About Hope of Africa

Hope of Africa is a community of believers that have been brought together from every walk of life by their love for the vulnerable youth in Africa. We believe it is vital to raise up local, native leadership that understands culture and can influence their own communities.
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2 Responses to AWANA in South Africa

  1. Jennifer Kirschner says:

    Yay awana!!!!😍

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  2. says:

    This is awesome!! Please tell Thabile how much I love this!! What a great job capturing this event!!! Great job!!

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